Saturday, February 16, 2008

Olevia V237 HDTV Works with Sony RM-V210 Remote!

After purchasing an Olevia HDTV at K-Mart recently, I learned from searching the internet that my Comcast remote (and a lot of others for Dish Network, Time-Warner Cable, etc.) don't work with this TV.  Apparently it's much newer than the cable boxes/remotes that the satellite and cable companies use.

The other day, though, I found a remote by Sony in Walmart that claimed to work with Olevia TV's, so I bought it (about $12.00, fairly reasonable).  Sure enough, it had codes for the Olevia TV and Comcast/Motorola cable box, so I was able to get this remote working as a replacement for my Comcast multi-function remote.

The remote's model number is RM-V210 and it's a 4-device remote.  After looking around, I find that Sony's site has this remote listed for $9.99 and has it listed for $7.99.