Friday, August 31, 2007

Want To Run For President?

In today's Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter there was a link for the 2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz. After answering the questions asked, this is their analysis of who I would be and who my running mate would be:

You're Pelosi-Bayh!

As Nancy Pelosi, you stand as one of the only true and courageous people that anyone can
name. Despite a haphazard reputation and unexpected rise to power, you could be one of the only
legitimate hopes for your friends. You have been able to tell the truth about what is happening,
and reflect a widely held but somewhat quiet set of beliefs. Recently, you have been bestowed
with great resources by your power company. Your latent love for a military retiree is bound to
get you in trouble.

You select Evan Bayh as your running mate to try to turn Indiana blue for the first time
in 34 years.

Take the 2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Appleworks Dead At 23

News comes today of the death of an old friend, Appleworks. She was just 23, such a tragic loss. I remember well using the original AW on an Apple //c that our local Apple Users Group owned. I was club librarian at the time, responsible for keeping the database (in AW) of all the software disks we had. We also had a "disk of the month" each month and I was repsonsible for using the //c to copy those disks for those that wanted them.

Later, when I traded in my own //e for shiny "Woz edition" IIgs, I bought Appleworks GS and used it extensively in school to write papers, do diagrams, etc. Then when I had my Newton and my iMac, I used Clarisworks again after a brief dalliance with Windows and MS Works.

I now have the last version, AW 6, and I have to admit that it is becoming increasingly irrelevant. I use OpenOffice a lot now because the file formats don't need to be translated for Linux and Windows users like AW's ".cwk" files did.

Good-bye old friend. You've been a constant companion for almost 20 years, and I'll mourn your loss. You were the first office suite, and the best. Certainly the easiest to use!

Appleworks 6 is survived by three children, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote; six grandchildren, iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb; and his faithful dogcow, Clarus. Memorial service was held in the Icon Garden at Apple Headquarters. In lieu of flowers, please take a moment to remember Clarus the dogcow. Moof!

A dogcow is what I want to be.

Pictured in dialogs,
Running through the weeds,
In and out of advertisements,
Loving my naughty deeds.

Feeling in black and white.

Over the edge of cliffs,
Out with the tide in the sea.
Living life to the fullest,
Sweet survival in 2 D.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Subscribing/Publishing Your iCal using iCal Exchange

I found a nifty site last month, and haven't had time to put together a post until now. While in the throes of setting up webDAV on my PowerMac G4 so that I could share calendars with the other folks in the house, I got frustrated because it wasn't working. I thought, "There must be an easier way."

There is. In searching, I found the iCal Exchange, a site that allows you to create an account and then publish your calendars to the iCal Exchange server! Setup was easy, and I've been using the service for a month now with no problems.

The best part is that iCal X is FREE. Carlos has been running the site since 2002, about the time when iCal was first distributed. You can create both public and private calendars, too.

Thanks, Carlos. Those of us who refuse to pay .Mac prices appreciate your service very much!