Sunday, August 12, 2007

Subscribing/Publishing Your iCal using iCal Exchange

I found a nifty site last month, and haven't had time to put together a post until now. While in the throes of setting up webDAV on my PowerMac G4 so that I could share calendars with the other folks in the house, I got frustrated because it wasn't working. I thought, "There must be an easier way."

There is. In searching, I found the iCal Exchange, a site that allows you to create an account and then publish your calendars to the iCal Exchange server! Setup was easy, and I've been using the service for a month now with no problems.

The best part is that iCal X is FREE. Carlos has been running the site since 2002, about the time when iCal was first distributed. You can create both public and private calendars, too.

Thanks, Carlos. Those of us who refuse to pay .Mac prices appreciate your service very much!

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