Thursday, February 05, 2009

Leopard Has Some Sharp Claws!

Though I never posted anything when it happened, I've stepped up to a new (to me) PowerMac G4 with dual 1ghz processors. It's orders of magnitude faster than my old 466mhz PM, and today I brought the new machine into the 21st century with a copy of Mac OS X Leopard.

First impressions are that Leopard is very snazzy and has a lot of features that I have wished for (including Time Machine and Spaces). Only one glitch, which was that Leopard's version of Mail choked on my old Mail settings and it looked like all my emails were gone. I had to remove all the non-folder items from ~/Library/Mail and then re-launch Mail and it suddenly figured things out and rebuilt all the mbox files. Since I had some pretty elaborate mail rules, I saved that file on the desktop and then put it back into the Mail folder. After re-opening Mail my rules were all back, safe and sound!
How cool is Time Machine? Once it does a full backup, it continues to do hourly backups as you work. And the interface for TM is outrageously cool.

I also have to say that the whole system seems more responsive, even with a TM backup running. Windows zip into place when you switch desktops with Spaces, the Dock doesn't seem to lag like it did in Tiger when something was going on in the background. And the design of all the windows is finally consistent!  Hallelujah! 

All around I'd say that what I spent on Leopard was worth it.