Sunday, August 06, 2006

For Love or Money

I just read the most incredible (yet true) story. It's the story of the guys that wrote the "Graphing Calculator" that shipped with the first PowerPC Macintoshes. You'll have to read it to believe it. Unless you're someone like me, someone who loves what they do and would do it even if they didn't get paid, which I don't.

The old clichè, "I wouldn't do that for love or money" means more than people think. There are things none of us WANT to do. The fact that companies offer us money to do them helps motivate us to do those jobs, but it really isn't the same feeling that you get when you do it for love of the job.

I love coding. I've tried a lot of other jobs in my life, but the only part of my life where I start an idea and follow it through to the finish is writing software. I can't stand an "unfinished symphony" when it comes to programming.

Take a minute today and think about what you really love doing. Whatever it is, there is a way to spend time doing it. As a story in Reader's Digest said years ago, even if you're a terrible singer, if you love to sing, sing out! Do what you enjoy, and your world will be a happier place. Because when you're happy, you'll be surprised how quickly that feeling will transfer itself to the people around you.


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