Saturday, November 18, 2006


The second BBC series of the new Doctor Who started on the SciFi Channel this fall, and I must say, I'm very impressed with the new Doctor, David Tennant. If you haven't caught the show, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Next week, the BBC America channel is starting with the first series (with Christopher Eccleston), so if you want to jump in and see the whole story, check it out.

By all accounts, David Tennant is very happy to be playing the Doctor, as he's signed contracts up through 2008! According to him, he's wanted to be an actor since he was 3 years old so he could play the Doctor! He grew up on Tom Baker's Doctor, as I did, and his characterization of the Doctor owes a lot to Baker. There is also a bit of Peter Davison in his Doctor (Tennant and Davison must have the same tailor, as they both favor long but fashionable coats).

Tennant appears briefly in the last Eccleston episode, during the regeneration. When the second series starts, with "The Christmas Invasion," Tennant is still in his jammies and robe, looking very much like Arthur Dent (and he makes a comment acknowledging this on the Sycorax space ship). Very nice to give "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" a wink!

I remember fondly watching Who episodes on the public TV station in Denver. In those days, each episode was about 20 minutes and you had to watch 5 episodes to get the whole story. What Fun! The Denver station ran all 5 back-to-back, so you'd watch the credits (with the great Who theme), a short few minutes of story, then the end credits (more music) and then the whole thing started all over. I started with Tom Baker and when he regenerated into Peter Davison, I kept watching.

The 1996 attempt to bring the Doctor to the USA didn't go over well, but the movie was good. I'm glad to have the Doctor back in Britain again, though. It's where he belongs and makes sense.

The Doctor is dead, long live the Doctor! "Fan-TAS-tic!"

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