Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dead iMacs Aren't Much Fun

Early last month Kermit, the iMac DV+, died. Cause of death: Power/video board failure, a common problem with aging G3 iMacs, I've learned. I've been making do with a friend's linux machine (thank God I didn't have to use Windows!) since then.

Oddly enough, I got a VGA monitor from a neighbor who moved the same week that the iMac failed, so instead of repairing or replacing the iMac, I opted instead to purchase a Power Mac G4. I got word that the new Mac went out to me yesterday.

I will miss Kermit. A lot of software was written on Kermit, and he served me well. I've no idea what to name the G4, those sorts of things only become clear when sitting down with the new machine.

The Mac is dead. Long live the Mac!

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