Saturday, August 22, 2009

iPhone Wins Another Convert

Folks that read this blog (both of you) know that I'm pretty much an Apple fanboy. Though I've been known to criticize them for stupid moves, I love their gadgets. I've owned Apple computers since my Apple //e back in the mid-80's, owned my first Mac in the early 90's and even owned a Newton (the handwriting recognition rocked, I don't care what you've heard). So it shouldn't surprise anyone to know that I've been drooling over the iPhone for the last 3 years.
Monday I finally gave into my geeky gadget lust. The story of that purchase is the stuff of another post. Suffice it to say it wasn't the easiest purchase I've ever made.
So I bought an iPhone 3GS, 16gb model, and after a week of using it, I have to say, I LOVE IT. This thing is everything the Newton was and more. The sheer volume of applications, many of them free, is astounding. The speed of loading web pages seems the same whether it's via 3G or Wi-Fi. The voice control works. It's a great iPod. It's a cool machine.

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