Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Snow Leopard Upgrade Pre-Sale for Recent Buyers

Last week's big news was that was already taking pre-orders for Mac OS X 10.6, codenamed "Snow Leopard." In looking through the Apple site, I stumbled on some information I thought others might want to know.
Basically, if you bought/buy a Mac between June 8 2009 and December 26 2009, you're eligible for an upgrade to Snow Leopard for only $9.95. I ordered it for my new Mac mini, and wanted to alert any other new Mac purchasers that you can get Snow Leopard for 1/3 the price it will sell for.
I kind of hoped they had a program in place for new buyers, since they've often done this in the past. So I will get shipped a copy when they start shipping in September! :)

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