Friday, June 23, 2006

Found an Oops! My Bad...

Found an "oops" in SHAZAM! tonight. See, I actually use the stuff I write, which in the programming trade is called "eating your own dogfood." One of the scripts in my collection uses the Apple color picker and lets the user select a color, then spits back the hexadecimal color value for that color. This is useful when editing HTML pages and in other programs that use hex color values.

Well, I was editing the stylesheet for my website and needed a new color, so I used the script and ya know what? IT GAVE ME THE WRONG *&&^*&*@($ COLOR! Not only that, it wouldn't let me copy the value to the clipboard so I could paste it into my HTML document.

So I fixed both things. Now it works again and I added the clipboard feature, so it's easier to use. I uploaded the revised version (1.01).

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